Wednesday 29 May

09:00–10:45 Business plenary

Adapting businesses to climate change – risks and opportunities

Please note this is a draft programme, and subject to change.

Businesses are at serious risk, as the changes that climate change is posing has completely changed the environment in which companies operate on a daily basis. Nevertheless, if these risks are managed properly, they can be turned into opportunities, generating new services or even new markets where only the ones who adapt to climate change will be present. The need for adaptation and the future opportunities can be tackled from different points of view.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Ana Cláudia Coelho | Sustainable Business Solutions Director of PWC Portugal
  • Alexandre Relvas | Managing Director, Casa Relvas – Agriculture sector, wine sector’s adaptation
  • Diane D’Arras | President of International Water Association – water sector perspective
  • Paul Fleming | Microsoft

To be confirmed: