Work together, work better: how standardisation can support urban climate change adaptation

11:15 Wednesday 29 May

SS021 • OC125

Room S11


Vasileios Latinos (Germany) 1; Serene Hanania (Germany) 1; Julia Peleikis (Germany) 1; Holger Robrecht (Germany) 1

1 - ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

Adaptation and resilience-building standards can be an effective tool for informing decision-making at various governmental levels and facilitating the mainstreaming of climate adaptation measures and processes. They can serve as a reliable reference framework and guide by describing proven adaptation approaches, processes and management systems, product designs, as well as terminology and test methods. Despite this, the potential of standardisation in the field of climate adaptation has been, so far, largely untapped and the public sector seems to not always be well aware of and informed about the benefits of using standards as reference documents, when developing public policies

This presentation aims to provide an overview of the current state of international and European standardisation for adaptation and resilience, as well as some common ‘informal’ standards which local governments already adhere to (such as the European Commission’s Urban Adaptation Support Tool or the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy). It will outline current barriers and (mis-) conceptions to their use, demonstrate practical examples of their application and benefits, and share recommendations to support a better uptake of standards in the field of urban climate adaptation and resilience.

If the session format allows the speakers will seek to engage with the audience to identify common (mis-)conceptions, which will help to better address these in future activities, and support a better uptake of standards on climate change adaptation.

This presentation mainly targets local government representatives and municipal staff, national and international standardisation bodies, as well as interested private sector participants.

It builds on the speakers’ experiences in the field of standardisation within the urban adaptation and sustainability context. This includes direct involvement in relevant standardisation committees at national (German), European and international levels, as well as the participation in a number of current and recent European projects, including RESIN and Smart Mature Resilience, which both have distinct standardisation components.

Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee of the Regions on on the implementation of EU standardization policy and the contribution of European standards to EU policies [COM(2018) 26 final].