Key challenges to the long-term sustainability of climate services in Europe

16:15 Wednesday 29 May

SS035 • OC207

Room S16


Marta Bruno Soares (United Kingdom) 1; Carlo Buontempo (United Kingdom) 2

1 - University of Leeds; 2 - European Centre ofr Medium Range Weather Forecasts

Climate services have emerged as a research and operational field in recent years. This development has been underpinned and supported by significant efforts in funding and research such as the Global Framework for Climate Services internationally and the Roadmap for Climate Services and the Copernicus Climate Change Service in Europe. The fast pace at which this field is developing raises a number of key challenges that need to be critically examined and adequately addressed to ensure the future development and sustainability of climate services in Europe. This presentation will expose some of the challenges currently threatening the viability of climate services in Europe, including:

  1. the complex landscape of complementary research and development areas to climate services;
  2. key governance aspects such as existing rights to open access and use of climate services particularly linking wider issues of equity and justice;
  3. current limitations of funding structures and mechanisms and its impacts in the development of climate services research and development;
  4. a (mis)emphasis on co-production processes as a precondition to climate services development; and
  5. the limited role of the social sciences in the research and operational field of climate services.

Effectively addressing these challenges will require a commitment from both the scientific and practitioner communities to engage in critical and reflective debates around the future conceptualisation and operationalisation of climate services in Europe. This presentation will deconstruct and provide critical insights on these key challenges thus contributing towards new research directions necessary to support and stimulate a necessary and overdue critical debate around the long-term sustainability and future development of climate services in Europe.