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Delivering successful adaptation – how can we tell what works?

Measuring the success of adaptation actions is challenging, but showing the outcomes of adaptation is crucial for securing the attention and finance from funding bodies. What has the Committee on Climate Change learned over the last decade?

Kathryn Brown | 15 April, 2019

Lisbon expands its green systems as a cost-effective climate tool

Lisbon is taking steps to increase Urban Green Infrastructure, not simply for recreational use, but to protect from climate change impacts as well as to meet climate targets. Lisbon Municipality’s Duarte d´Araújo Mata explains.

Duarte d´Araújo Mata | 29 March, 2019

Climate services for a resilient future

From the water budget, to the energy sector, and the construction industry, nearly all economic sectors and aspects of life are directly or indirectly affected by climate change and will be increasingly impacted in the future. Climate services can help decision-makers in the public and private sectors to be better prepared.

Daniela Jacob | 18 March, 2019

Lisbon Metropolitan Area climate change adaptation plan

Find out more about how the Lisbon Metropolitan Area is working to implement the Portuguese Climate Change National Adaptation Strategy, promoting awareness and identifying adaptation measures.

Ana Cristina Lourenço, José Canedo, Marco Morais and Paula Pacheco | 11 March, 2019

Urban resilience is a common benefit for all citizens

Cities of today are faced with many problems – while they are smarter, they are still very vulnerable and fragile, particularly to the impacts of climate change. RESCCUE’s Pere Malgrat explains.

Pere Malgrat | 01 March, 2019

Planned eco-district triggers public debate in Green City Freiburg

A planned climate-neutral housing development in Freiburg, Germany, has become the subject of a fierce city-wide debate. On 24 February 2019, the city’s 220,000 inhabitants will be asked to vote to decide whether the new Dietenbach district will go ahead. This looks set to be a defining moment for Germany’s poster-child of ecologically sustainable living.

Clara Grimes and Eleanor Chapman | 22 February, 2019

H2020 BINGO at ECCA 2019

The BINGO family includes 20 Partners from six European countries and more than 70 participants – although the project closes in June 2019, the outputs and impact will live on. The BINGO family is very pleased to share the project results at ECCA 2019.

Rafaela de Saldanha Matos | 11 February, 2019

Holistic approach to increase urban resilience

Cities are growing exponentially, while becoming smarter and more innovative. However, they are vulnerable to climate change impacts – the RESCCUE project aims to improve the capability of cities to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from significant multi-hazard threats with minimum damage.

Angel Villanueva | 01 February, 2019

Welcome to the 4th ECCA!

As the first to be hosted in southern Europe, the 4th ECCA brings researchers, policymakers and practitioners together to discuss advances in climate change adaptation, find solutions and inspire collective action to increase Europe’s resilience.

Mário Pulquério | 23 January, 2019