Sustainability at ECCA 2019


Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to bring true wilderness back to Europe. Through a framework of rewilding and reforestation, they offer individuals, schools and businesses the possibility to plant forests and restore key ecosystems while offsetting their carbon footprint.

ECCA 2019 and Mossy Earth are partnering to ensure that the conference is carbon neutral. Two trees are being planted for each ECCA 2019 participant.


The trees are planted at Mossy Earth’s Native Oak Woodland Restoration project in the centre of Portugal. This project seeks to develop sustainable land management practices to deal with the dominant Portuguese Broom, the ravenous Portuguese summer wildfires and regenerate native oak woodlands.

  • Mossy Earth only plants native species of trees. No invasive species nor monocultures. The trees are planted in protected areas to ensure they stay wild forever!
  • Any trees lost within the first 3 years are replaced.
  • Mossy Earth plants an additional 30% across all their projects to ensure they meet our impact as a group and as an insurance against any carbon calculation discrepancies.
  • Every year, for the first 5 years, Mossy Earth will take a biomass measurement of the average CO2 stored per tree.

Sustainable stands

The stands that are not supplied by the exhibitors themselves will be provided in honeycomb cardboard. This material is 100% recycled, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, being a more ecological and affordable solution than traditional PVC or wood.

No food waste

Leftover food from ECCA 2019 catering will be distributed to local charity associations.

No single-use plastics

ECCA 2019 strives to be “single use plastics-free”.