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EPAL is the company responsible for the delivery of water to households in the capital where it has around 350,000 clients. In terms of its “upstream” operations, EPAL supplies water to 35 municipalities on the north bank of the river Tagus and, since 2015, delegated management responsibility for the multi-municipal water supply and sanitation systems of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, set up on 29th May by decree-law no. 94/2015, which integrates 86 municipalities and a population of around 3.8 million inhabitants in a territorial area making up 33% of mainland Portugal.

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Climate-fit.city translates the best scientific climate data into relevant information for public and private actors operating in cities across a range of different sectors. That means the use of information to optimize a city emergency planning, to better protect Europe’s cultural heritage, or to provide urban planners accurate information where to build parks, green areas, bike lines or how to design buildings that are future proof.

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