The German Climate Preparedness Portal – a guide to Climate Services of the federal states and the government of Germany

14:00 Wednesday 29 May

SS023 • OC134

Room S2


Maya Köšrber (Germany) 1; Stefan Ršösner (Germany) 1; Kirsten Sander (Germany) 2

1 - Deutscher Wetterdienst; 2 - Umweltbundesamt

We will present the German Climate Preparedness Portal (KLiVO Portal), where quality approved science-based services that are in line with the latest findings offer guidance in taking precautions against the effects of climate change. KLiVO is the national implementation of GFCS (Global Framework on Climate Services).

Climate Preparedness Services range from the provision of climate-related data and information to adaptation services which offer support in dealing with the consequences of climate change.

Climate-related information comprises meteorological and climatological data – including temperature, rainfall, wind, soil moisture level and sea temperature – which is used in drawing up risk and vulnerability analyses. Climate-related information is available for the past, the present and the future.

Climate change adaptation services show municipal authorities, associations or companies how they can take the effects of climate change into consideration in their decision-making and planning procedures, as well as indicating which adaptation measures they can implement.

Based on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS) Germany is setting up the appropriate political framework to take precautionary measures against the effects of climate change by considering the climate-related risks and adaptation measures in all sectors.

Thus, two administrative offices DKD and KlimAdapt have been established to actively push ahead with climate change adaptation measures and are in each case supported by a network which forms the interface between the providers and users of climate services.

These networks provide support and advice to the administrative offices regarding climate-related information and adaptation services.

The KliVO Portal collects data and information concerning climate change as well as services for a target-oriented adaption to the effects of climate change. Regardless of whether guidelines, web tools, maps or upskilling qualification and advice – all of the climate services aim to support users with their self-provision in face of the inevitable effects of climate change.

We will demonstrate the main features of the KLiVO Portal.