ECCA Tool-shed

During ECCA 2019, delegates will have the opportunity to visit the Tool-shed room and discover innovative tools in the context of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. The practical approach at the Tool-shed will take the form of software/website try-outs, and facilitation and interactive techniques, such as innovative games.

The Tool-shed will be equipped with limited plug points, Wi-Fi, large LCD screen and flipcharts.

An IMPREXive serious game

Arnal Louise (Belgium) 1; Eggen Bernd (United Kingdom) 3; Gallo Florian (United Kingdom) 3; Hananel Cedric (Belgium) 2; Katrien Witpas (Belgium) 2

Open Forums for the understanding of mindsets facing climate change and social vulnerability to adaptation measures

Jorge Sánchez-Cruzado (Spain) 1; Conchi Piñeiro (Spain) 1

Understanding Europe’s risk landscape with the European Climate Risk Typology

Vasileios Latinos (Greece) 1

Climate Tagger – a suite of software tools to help organizations in the climate and development streamline and catalogue their data and information resources

Denise Recheis (Austria) 1

International knowledge exchange on climate adaptation with the Climatescan platform

Floris Boogaard (Netherlands) 1; Olsson Jonas (Norway) 3; Tone Muthanna (Netherlands) 2; Rick Heikoop (Netherlands) 1; Guri Venvik (Norway) 4

Subsidence in urban areas measured by InSAR (Sentinel1) related to flooding

Guri Venvik (Norway) 1

RESCCUE RAF App – Climate change Resilience Assessment Framework tool for urban areas

Rita Salgado Brito (Portugal) 1; Cristina Lucas Pereira (Portugal) 1; Pedro Lopes (Portugal) 1

Assessment of vulnerability to climate change employing regional indicators in an interactive mapping tool for Finland

Stefan Fronzek (Finland) 1; Timothy R. Carter (Finland) 1

Exploring your city’s risk interdependencies with the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire

Vasileos Latinos (Greece) 1

XDI Globe – Intelligence on your assets vulnerability to climate change impacts. Multiple assets, multiple locations. Sophisticated analysis, easy interface

Karl Mallon (Australia) 1; Rohan Hamden (Australia) 1

Toolbox Climate Resilient City

Frans Van De Ven (Netherlands) 1; Sadie Mcevoy (Netherlands) 1

Clim2power web application – Translating climate data into power plants operational guidance

Sofia Simões (Portugal) 1; Filipa Amorim (Portugal) 1

HAZUR Resilient Systems, a holistic approach to face Climate Change impacts

Ignasi Fontanals (Spain) 1

Engage YOUTH in climate change adaptation

Bettina Koelle (United Kingdom) 1; Brigitte Rudram (United Kingdom) 1

Fun activities to understand climate downscaling and adaptation decision making

Renee A. Mcpherson (United States of America) 1

The ClimateChangePost: a knowledge broker on climate change and adaptation with a special focus on ‘Europe in a changing climate’

Wilfried Ten Brinke (Netherlands) 1

Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform

Tzu-Ming Liu (Taiwan) 1; Hsinchi Li (Taiwan) 1; Yung-Ming Chen (Taiwan) 1; Chao-Tzuen Cheng (Taiwan) 1

Improving Resilience through Advanced Cybertechnologies

Claudio Rossi (Italy) 1 Your one-stop shop for urban climate data and services

Filip Lefebre (Belgium) 1; Cedric Hananel (Belgium) 2; Katrien Witpas (Belgium) 2

BRIGAID tools: practical support for innovators to get from an idea to a signed deal

Marta Rica (Portugal) 1; Marco Hartman (Netherlands) 2; Gerardo Anzaldua (Netherlands) 1

BINGO Online Portfolio of Adaptation Measures

Henk-Jan Van Alphen (Norway) 1

Making It Local: Using the Place Standard tool for climate adaptation

Joseph Hagg (United Kingdom) 1; Anna Beswick (United Kingdom) 2

Search and discovery of climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction landscape

Sukaina Bharwani (Sweden) 1; Julia Barrott (Sweden) 1

Mapping governance of adaptation to climate change to support decision-making

Dominik Braunschweiger (Switzerland) 1,2; Marco Pütz (Switzerland) 1; Frank Heidmann (Germany) 3; Mark-Jan Bludau (Germany) 3

The Clarity Climate Services Information System – a screening tool for urban areas and infrastructure projects

Rosmarie De Wit (Netherlands) 1; Denis Havlik (Netherlands) 1; Patrick Kaleta (Netherlands) 1; Patrick Zwickl (Netherlands) 1; Andrea Geyer-Scholz (Netherlands) 1