Open Forums for the understanding of mindsets facing climate change and social vulnerability to adaptation measures

11:45–13:00 Tuesday 28 May


Room S15


Jorge Sánchez-Cruzado (Spain) 1; Conchi Piñeiro (Spain) 1

1 - Altekio, S.Coop.Mad

Open Forum is a methodology for creating interactive and multi-agent group conversations to discuss around a topic, where different viewpoints are expressed to explore the diversity of experiences affecting people, groups and communities. It offers an opportunity to deepen understanding of challenges and barriers for social transformation in different levels.

This methodology was develop in the Deep Democracy and Process Work fields: ‘Process Oriented Open Forum lie between business meetings and large, open, emotional meetings. The Open Forum is more dramatic than standard business meetings, yet more linear than the ongoing world work group processes.’ (The Deep Democracy Of Open Forums, p.24, Arnold Mindell).

The setting consists of a group session up to 100 participants facilitated by 2 to 4 experts in working with diversity, conflict transformation and emotional facilitation.

Open Forums can contribute to unfold consciousness around climate change in public, collective or group settings. The process commences with invited speakers who speak for a few minutes on a designated topic and participants are then invited to contribute their thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the issues being explored (Process Work Ireland). As a result, a broad set of different perspectives and viewpoints are brought to the field, helping to understand what are the key facts of social-economic transformation towards climate change adaptation. It also helps to understand social vulnerability to adaptation measures and which facts need to be considered before applying certain measures, considering a just transition.

Altekio has run a number of Open Forums around the topic of climate change, addressing the questions: How do you relate with climate change? How do we live climate change? How does climate change affect me? How do we collaborate in a climate change scenario?