Assessment of vulnerability to climate change employing regional indicators in an interactive mapping tool for Finland

16:15–16:30 Tuesday 28 May


Room S15


Stefan Fronzek (Finland) 1; Timothy R. Carter (Finland) 1

1 - Finnish Environment Institute,

We demonstrate an online tool for climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability that is designed to help users explore different aspects of vulnerability* to climate change in Finland. It was developed at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The following thematic areas are currently represented:

  • vulnerability to climate change among the elderly population (Carter et al. 2016);
  • vulnerability of cross-country skiing activities (Neuvonen et al. 2015).

With the tool users can examine how vulnerable cross-country skiing or elderly people are to the impacts of climate change in different parts of Finland. Based on the user’s selection of indicators, a first map shows the areas where the chosen sector or social group is exposed to the climate change hazard. A second map describes factors that contribute  to adaptive capacity for responding to the potential impacts. A third map is then calculated as combined index of these, defined as the vulnerability to the impacts. Here, while researchers have compiled data on indicators that can be accessed in the mapping tool, the onus is on the users of the tool to decide which indicators are of interest and whether to map them individually or as combined indices.

The tool can be assessed at ClimateGuide.

* As defined in the IPCC Fourth Assessment and later referred to as “outcome vulnerability” in the IPCC Fifth Assessment.


Carter, TR, S Fronzek, A Inkinen, I Lahtinen, M Lahtinen, H Mela, KL O’Brien, LD Rosentrater, R Ruuhela, L Simonsson, E Terama (2016). Characterising vulnerability of the elderly to climate change in the Nordic region. Regional Environmental Change, 16(1): 43–58

Neuvonen, M, T Sievänen, S Fronzek, I Lahtinen, N Veijalainen, TR Carter (2015). Vulnerability of cross-country skiing to climate change in Finland – an interactive mapping tool. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 11.