An IMPREXive serious game

11:15–11:45 Tuesday 28 May


Room S15


Arnal Louise (Belgium) 1; Eggen Bernd (United Kingdom) 3; Gallo Florian (United Kingdom) 3; Hananel Cedric (Belgium) 2; Katrien Witpas (Belgium) 2

1 - ECMWF; 2 - ARCTIK communication for sustainability; 3 - MET OFFICE UK

Serious games are a powerful tool to engage the audience and communicate complex topics. As part of the EU Horizon 2020 project IMPREX, we have developed a serious game to communicate the water-related challenge of living in a changing climate. Beyond the gaming aspect, the IMPREXive serious game is also a communication tool to engage stakeholders and climate services users, and convey the IMPREX key messages, beyond the project’s lifetime.

In this game, the player is the protagonist of an interactive story, driven by challenges, exploration, and problem- solving. Acting as the head of a flood forecasting institute, the player’s role is to manage the actions of two teams (the forecasters and the decision-makers) and make sequential decisions based on a variety of information (e.g. hydrological forecasts, situation on the ground, etc.). The aim of the game is to take decisions that will ultimately lead to positive results on the ground (i.e. protecting a fictitious town from flooding).

This game was created to: 1) highlight the value of hydrological forecasts for decision-making in the water sector, 2) underline the complexities behind forecast-based decision-making at the local scale, and 3) provide a doorway for players wanting to know more about IMPREX.