The ClimateChangePost: a knowledge broker on climate change and adaptation with a special focus on ‘Europe in a changing climate’

15:15–15:30 Wednesday 29 May


Room S15


Wilfried Ten Brinke (Netherlands) 1

1 - ClimateChangePost

The ClimateChangePost is a news site that covers the latest scientific findings on Europe in a changing climate change. The site aims to communicate the latest (scientific) findings and best practices on climate change and adaptation to a wide audience. It helps to bridge between science on one side, and policymakers and practitioners on the other.

The site presents the state-of-the-art knowledge of Europe’s changing climate and the consequences for each country and for all sectors involved, based on a thorough literature research. Also included are strategies to adapt to the consequences of climate change.

The site consists of 3 major components: (1) a database with information for each European country and all relevant themes (just click on the map of Europe and then select the theme you’re interested in), (2) a growing number of (now over 500) articles that summarize scientific publications in 1 minute read posts for a wide audience, and (3) overview presentations on ‘Europe’s impacts in infographics’.

These ‘components’ are being updated on a regular basis by closely following about 40 scientific journals, IPCC reports, etc. Scientists are invited to contribute to the site by summarizing their latest peer-reviewed publications as 1 minute reads that can be posted on the site. This way, their work may reach a wide target audience.