Toolbox Climate Resilient City

12:25–12:45 Wednesday 29 May


Room S15


Frans Van De Ven (Netherlands) 1; Sadie Mcevoy (Netherlands) 1

1 - Deltares / TU Delft

The Toolbox Climate Resilient Cities is a planning support system for multi-disciplinary collaborative planning of climate adaptation measures – mostly blue-green solutions. The toolbox contains over 40 measures and is used to discuss where and how in a project area which measures can be applied. The tool provides estimates of the resilience performance for flooding, drought, heat stress and water pollution of each measure and of the package as a total; it moreover provides estimates of the costs of implementation and maintenance. The tool is the successor of the Adaptation Support Tool and will be launched this spring in the Netherlands to support the climate risk dialogues, the next step after the climate stress test each city has to make by 2020.

The toolbox will be accessible via the website.