XDI Globe – Intelligence on your assets vulnerability to climate change impacts. Multiple assets, multiple locations. Sophisticated analysis, easy interface

11:15–12:25 Wednesday 29 May


Room S15


Karl Mallon (Australia) 1; Rohan Hamden (Australia) 1

1 - Climate Risk

The XDI Platform calculates an asset’s exposure and vulnerability to the physical effects of climate change, or climate risk. Our analysis is embedded in an interactive tool that allows a user to view assets by area, by hazard, or by specific asset with detailed information on construction elements’ vulnerability and failure modes.

XDI Globe takes you around the world to your asset and reports on annual average losses, risk cost, risk fraction, insurability, likelihood of asset failure and under which conditions. We had a lot of fun creating a 3D world for users in VR, but for ECCA we will keep it simple and present on a large screen!

XDI Globe is our latest dynamic interface that presents a capability in development since 2009, and has been used commercially by lending institutions, water, transport and telecoms utilities, health infrastructure owners, state governments and major municipalities.

Our clients gain powerful insights into their organisations’ climate risk, and can confidently use these insights for business decisions that build resilience by protecting their assets and their end users.

Website: xdi.systems