Fun activities to understand climate downscaling and adaptation decision making

14:45–15:15 Wednesday 29 May


Room S15


Renee A. Mcpherson (United States of America) 1

1 - University of Oklahoma

I will present several activities that the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center uses in undergraduate classes and at workshops with stakeholders. The goals of these activities are for participants to better understand what climate model downscaling is, how to make decisions with multiple climate projections, and how to discuss adaptation tradeoffs with groups of stakeholders who have differing or conflicting priorities. No technology is required to conduct these activities, making them easy to bring into a community. All of the activities are fun and generate much discussion among the participants. I will overview what materials are needed, how we run the activities, and what the common takeaways are from participants. We will not have time to conduct each activity, but I will bring directions so you can try them yourself!