Making It Local: Using the Place Standard tool for climate adaptation

11:15–12:30 Thursday 30 May


Room S15


Joseph Hagg (United Kingdom) 1; Anna Beswick (United Kingdom) 2

1 - University of Edinburgh; 2 - Sniffer/Adaptation Scotland

The Place Standard tool provides a simple framework to structure conversations about place. It allows you to think about the physical elements of a place (for example its buildings, spaces, and transport links) as well as the social aspects (for example whether people feel they have a say in decision making).

One of the Place Standard’s strengths is that it enables different groups to come together and to cooperate in order to make a balanced assessment of a place. It provides an opportunity for citizens to have more influence in local decision-making and, in doing so, improves democratic engagement.

The tool was developed to improve the quality and design of places to improve health and reduce health inequalities. It is now widely used in Scotland – and being used internationally (including Netherlands, Latvia, Macedonia and Turkey). As part of an ongoing improvement programme, the tool will be looking to better address sustainability and climate change issues.

Adaptation Scotland is working with partners to further develop the use of the tool for climate adaptation. This includes adjustments to questions, briefing materials and training for facilitators, and guidance on analysis of results from an adaptation perspective. Our early experience using the tool show it to be a powerful way to integrate adaptation into local situations.

At the ECCA tool shed we will offer a participants a hands-on facilitated demonstration of the Place Standard tool.

The Place Standard tool is available in a variety of formats: handbook, online and app (apple and android).