Understanding Europe’s risk landscape with the European Climate Risk Typology

13:00–14:00 Tuesday 28 May


Room S15


Vasileios Latinos (Greece) 1

1 - ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

This session will explore a digital tool supporting the phase of risk and vulnerability assessment, as part of an integrated approach to planning and implementing an adaptation strategy.

The European Climate Risk Typology is an interactive online map that helps to visualise, describe, compare and analyse climate risk in European cities and regions. It was produced as part of the RESIN project (2015-2018) by the University of Manchester, in collaboration with other research partners and the cities of Paris, Bilbao, Bratislava and Greater Manchester.

After a brief introduction to risk assessment as part of an integrated approach to adaptation planning, we will present this online tool and demonstrate its functionality and capabilities in a short exercise. Participants will use the classification and indicators provided by the typology to assess the climate risk characteristics of a number of example regions, identifying possible links between them. This will lead into a discussion how this tool could support risk and vulnerability assessment as part of developing an adaptation plan.

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