Clim2power web application – Translating climate data into power plants operational guidance

12:45–13:00 Wednesday 29 May


Room S15


Sofia Simões (Portugal) 1; Filipa Amorim (Portugal) 1

1 - FCT - NOVA University Lisbon

Clim2Power is a research project that creates a bridge between complex scientific model based knowledge and targeted, usable information for end users. Clim2Power is building a EU-wide web based Climate Service addressing the impact of climate on hydro, wind, and solar power operation, electricity demand, and the whole power system, addressed at both a seasonal and long-term timescale.

The web-based Climate Service data will support both private and public decision making, including market-based power service providers.
The most relevant indicators to be presented in the web service are: % of electricity generated from RES, g CO2/kWh, % variation in electricity costs for final consumers,  % usage of existing electric grid interconnection capacity and electricity stored in batteries and hydro pumped storage (GWh).