Exploring your city’s risk interdependencies with the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire

16:30–17:40 Tuesday 28 May


Room S15


Vasileos Latinos (Greece) 1

1 - ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

This session will explore a digital tool supporting the phase of risk and vulnerability assessment, as part of an integrated approach to planning and implementing an adaptation strategy.

Using the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire, you can explore risk scenarios and prioritise corresponding actions, to aid a preliminary, qualitative risk assessment and prompt discussion among groups with diverse areas of expertise. After completing questions about the likelihood of a series of defined risk scenarios (clustered under ten topic areas, including extreme weather events, but also critical infrastructure, health and social inequalities), users receive a list of risk mitigation actions for each scenario, including interrelations with other risks and their cascading effects.

This session will begin with a brief introduction to risk assessment as part of an integrated approach to adaptation planning. The tool will then be presented and its capabilities outlined. Participants will then be taken through an exercise based on the scenarios within one of the 10 available risk topics. The session will conclude with a discussion of the results and the opportunities and limitations of applying the tool in practice.

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