Can high-resolution global climate modelling help us to understand more about the climate and its societal impacts?

Welcome to this latest blog
Within ECCA’s fine catalogue.
And in this edition,
We break with tradition
To bring you rhyming monologue.

We like writing a poem or two,
So within the confines
Of these few rhyming lines,
We’ll tell you about what we do.

By the European Commission
We’re funded, and we’re on a mission
To study the climate
(Though it’s tough to rhyme it!)
At higher and higher definition.

Initially uncomplicated
But latterly sophisticated,
Climate models evolve,
And – these days – involve
More quantities being calculated.

We model the whole of the planet
Then we take the output, and scan it
For signs that suggest
That we’re making the best
Of the finer grids with which we span it.

These models are very demanding
But computers are always expanding
And it’s worth it, though,
If – with them – we can show
Improvements in our understanding.

We very much want to unearth
What high resolution is worth.
And our stakeholders
Have frequently told us:
Of this info, there’s quite a dearth.

By way of example, we show
That the strength of some storms was too low
In the old simulations –
But their newer rotations
Are more like the real world we know.

And so, for a user who sees
High costs from a gale-force breeze,
They might welcome the news
Of any breakthroughs
Of the sort in these analyses.

So we’re working hard to explore
If new models can tell us more
On these topics impactful –
No time to be tactful:
Go visit our website. Learn more!