Understanding the context for urban climate services

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Nicola Golding (United Kingdom) 1

1 - Met Office

Over half the world’s population today live in cities, a proportion that is growing year by year. The dense populations, financial and social systems, critical infrastructure and services that are unique to cities also make cities uniquely vulnerable to the climate, and require unique solutions to increasing resilience to the current and changing climate.

The objectives of the work presented are to understand the range of actors involved in the development of these solutions; the systems in place which support the co-development of urban climate services; and the unique and varied requirements for climate information which will support the development of urban climate services.

We will share a range of approaches taken in current projects to achieve these objectives, both in the UK and in China, including formal interviews and questionnaires, as well as approaches designed to develop a relationship for co- development of services through workshops, visits and knowledge exchange. These approaches will be evaluated and our recommendations and lessons learned shared with those interested in carrying out similar activities. We will also present some results from this work and the implications for development of urban climate services.

Urban climate services are at an early stage and this work is an important step in understanding the context in which such services are developing. The approaches taken and early results should have relevance for the climate services and adaptation community as a whole, and in particular for any actors in the urban climate services landscape.