The Lisbon Commitment for Environment, Climate and Energy

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Ana Cristina Lourenço (Portugal) 1; Inês Metelo (Portugal) 1; Paula Alves (Portugal) 1; Filomena Marques (Portugal) 1

1 - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Departamento de Ambiente, Energia e Alterações Climá ticas

Being one of the first cities subscribing the new Covenant of Mayors Lisbon’s municipality undertook the commitment through the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan to achieve a set of targets and respective indicators for the monitoring the climate change adaptation and mitigation. Thus, it constitutes the action plan for the Lisbon Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Changes and the Lisbon’s Energy Strategy, under the ambitious vision aiming that Lisbon will be a carbon neutral city by 2050, resilient to climate changes – adapted in the present and preparing the future, aiming at pursuing or exceeding sustainability goals.

In order to achieve the adopted vision, the whole city must be involved around the Lisbon Commitment for Environment, Climate and Energy. It means that to reach for the targets is required not only that Lisbon’s municipality reorganizes internally, and allocates increasing resources at human, technical and financial levels, but mostly reinforces governance dimension.

Thus, there’s an on-going project designed to deepen the engagement of stakeholders, communities and civil society. This comprehensive project includes several different kinds of approaches and tools, allowing to integrate contributes, unite and articulate efforts, developing synergies.