The climate change adaptation process of the Slovak Republic – discussing challenges in policymaking and practice

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Angelika Tamásová (Slovakia) 1

1 - Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Countries all around the world are addressing the issue of climate change adaptation and looking for ways how to translate the provisions of the Paris agreement to policy and practice. The article focuses on the lessons learned from the adaptation action, which has been undertaken in the Slovak Republic since 2013. In the last five years the country has gained many valuable experiences with the adaptation policy cycle – with climate projections, assessing vulnerabilities of key sectors, elaboration and revision of the national adaptation strategy, transboundary cooperation, reporting progress and implementation of first adaptation measures. However, there is still space to improve adaptation action in different sectors and at different levels.

In 2018 two new projects have been launched, the first dealing with the preparation of the national adaptation action plan and the second aiming to raise awareness on climate change among experts, public, schools as well as regional and local authorities. Because of the cross-cutting nature and multi-level governance setting of adaptation action new questions are constantly emerging, which need to be answered. The article attempts to discuss the Slovak experience, the challenges in policymaking and practice and the possible ways forward to tackle the adverse impacts of climate change.