Service platform to boost climate smart agriculture.

11:15 Thursday 30 May

SS046 • OC275

Room S8


Ingrid Coninx (Netherlands) 1; Remco Kranendonk (Netherlands) 1

1 - Wageningen University & Research

Many climate smart agriculture technologies and management practices exist to boost the resilience and climate-friendliness of the agrifood sector. However, implementation is often difficult. Innovation are stuck in the innovation funnel and scaling-up of the practices is hampered. An inventory in 2016 in literature and among European farmers and food companies revealed that the main barriers are the low awareness of these solutions, high costs, lack of verified impact, regulatory and policy issues, lack of training of using the technologies, lack of connection with relevant knowledge, low consumer demand and unequal distribution of costs and benefits (Long et al. 2016). To enhance implementation of these technologies, there is need for better knowledge-practice interaction and better collaboration between different stakeholders.

There is a need for ranking different CSA options to find the most optimal solution; a need to find coherence between regional initiatives; a need to strengthen policy; to access finance, ƒ Services that support innovation and implementation and that enhance the integration of climate information in decision support and action are a way forward in boosting the transition toward climate smart agriculture. In the presentation, Wageningen University & Research will introduce how it is developing a service platform to boost climate smart agriculture in the Netherlands and beyond, together with the Climate-KIC Climate Smart Agriculture Booster Platform. Academics that participate in the session can learn how their knowledge can be transformed into a service and may be inspired to join the Climate Smart Agriculture Booster Platform. Policymakers that participate in the session are expected to be inspired by the role of services to fill the gap between scientific knowledge and on the ground change.