Reviewing railway operation regulations and policies regarding potential climate change

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Maike Norpoth (Germany) 1; Carina Herrmann (Germany) 1; Monika Rauthe (Germany) 2; Markus Reinhardt (Germany) 1; Andreas Walter (Germany) 2; Markus Forbriger (Germany) 1; Stephanie Hänsel (Germany) 2

1 - Federal Railway Authority; 2 - Deutscher Wetterdienst

The expected impacts of climate change, particularly with respect to the rising frequency and/or intensity of severe weather events, pose increasing challenges for transportation systems. As part of construction projects, policies and regulations are used to ensure the infrastructure’s reliability and usability for the coming decades. Therefore it is necessary to initiate the process of reviewing the corresponding policies and regulations to identify contents that are influenced by changes in climate in order to allow early adaptations.

In a recent study of the intermodal and user oriented BMVI Network of Experts (see also, Topic 1: Adapting transport and infrastructure to climate change and extreme weather events), numerous selected policies and regulations regarding railway infrastructure were reviewed and the contents influenced by climate impacts were identified and assessed. The assessment encompasses several factors, i.e. the severity of a climate impact, previous consideration of impact factors, the safety significance of a regulation (usability and safety), the urgency for adjustment and a statement of reasons. The results are used to inform and consult the respective boards and committees to discuss the required action regarding adaptation and implementation of a regulation.