LIFE UrbanProof tool: A decision support tool for Climate Proofing Urban Municipalities

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Christina Papadaskalopoulou (Greece) 1; Giannis Lemesios (Greece) 2; Anna Karali (Greece) 2; Konstantinos Varotsos (Greece) 2; Aggeliki Konsta (Greece) 1; Christos Giannakopoulos (Greece) 2; Maria Loizidou (Greece) 1

1 - National Technical University of Athens; 2 - National Observatory of Athens

The impacts of climate change are most directly felt in cities, where critical infrastructure, valuable networks and the majority of populations are found. The overall aim of the UrbanProof project is to increase the resilience of municipalities to climate change equipping them with a powerful tool for supporting better informed decision making on climate change adaptation planning. In the UrbanProof toolkit, the results of the climate change projections and the vulnerability and adaptation assessment are presented in an easily accessible and comprehensible graphical layout to provide insight into the expected changes in climate, enhance understanding on climate change impacts, explore and evaluate the available adaptation options and support local adaptation planning by enabling informed and robust decision making. In this way, an integrated and automated approach for adaptation planning incorporating all crucial stages of the process is achieved, supporting the municipalities to develop an adaptation strategy on their own. By filling the gap of scientific and technical knowledge, the need for costly external assistance is eliminated.

More specific, users may have access to information on climatic and vulnerability indicators of specific relevance for the urban environment. The vulnerability assessment takes into account climate change impacts on water availability and droughts, floods, heatwaves and health, high temperatures and energy demand, peri-urban fires and ozone exceedances. Furthermore, the toolkit allows for the prioritization of adaptation measures for each of the examined climate change impacts. As a result, depending on the outcomes of the vulnerability assessment which will indicate the level of vulnerability to the examined climate change impacts, decision makers will be able to identify which are the most urgent needs and act accordingly.

The toolkit is applied in the framework of this project in four municipalities in Greece, Cyprus and Italy while it will be accessible to everyone for conducting a vulnerability assessment and developing an adaptation strategy for every urban municipality located in these three countries.

The project co-funded by the European Union through the financial instrument LIFE14 – Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).