HS2 Phase One and Two: Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience throughout the programme

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Alison Walker (United Kingdom) 1; Joanne Parker (United Kingdom) 1

1 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited

High Speed Two (HS2) Limited is the company responsible for developing and promoting the UK’s new high speed rail network. It is funded by grant-in-aid from the UK government. Phase One of HS2 will connect London with Birmingham and the West Midlands; and Phase 2a will extend the route to Crewe. Phase 2b will extend the route to Manchester and Leeds, with trains then joining the existing network to continue north.

Our vision is for HS2 to be a catalyst for growth across Britain. HS2 will be the backbone of Britain’s rail network. It will better connect the country’s major cities and economic hubs. It will help deliver a stronger, more balanced economy better able to compete on the global stage. It will open up local and regional markets. It will attract investment and improve job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people across the whole country.

HS2 Ltd’s Sustainability Policy sets out the aim to ‘build a network which is resilient for the long term’. HS2 Ltd’s Environmental Policy sets out the aim to ‘minimise the combined effect of the project and climate change on the environment’.

Consideration of climate change has been integrated throughout HS2’s programme from the Environmental Statement to the assurance of climate resilient design. This session would present the experience of HS2 in mainstreaming climate change adaptation and resilience into large infrastructure projects. The session will focus on the methods, processes and guidance that have been developed along with key learnings that could inform other large infrastructure projects. It will also highlight areas in which practitioners would welcome further insight from the research community.