How to make CCA partnerships work? Adaptive governance reflections on the CCA cross-border and cross-authority partnership “EU LIFE C2C CC”

11:15 Thursday 30 May


Room S11


Dorthe Selmer (Denmark) 1; Helle Ørsted Nielsen (Denmark) 2; Mia Rix (Denmark) 3; Theis Andersen (Denmark) 4; Bjarke Horst Jensen (Denmark) 5; Bertel Meilvang (Denmark) 6

1 - Central Region Denmark; 2 - Aarhus University; 3 - Randers Municipality; 4 - VIA University College; 5 - Hedensted Municipality; 6 - Samsoe Municipality

Contributing Authors

1. Dorthe Selmer, Central Denmark Region (CDR) – EU LIFE IP project C2C CC and why CDR is taking the role of facilitating cross border governance of CCA without a regulatory mandate

2. Bjarke Horst Jensen, Hedensted Municipality – CCA collaboration across 7 municipalities in the large river catchment of Gudenå

3. Maria Elise Sørensen – Why citizen driven partnership makes sense, a C2C CC project

4. Bertel Meilvang, Samsø Municipality – The implications of being an island in a cross-border partnership

5. Theis Raaschou Andersen, VIA University College – Science-practice collaboration in a CCA innovation project: The Climate Road of Hedensted

6. Helle Ørsted Nielsen, Aarhus University – Adaptive governance: theoretical promise and empirical evidence.