HAZUR as an agile & flexible tool to operationalise resilience

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Ignasi Fontanals (Spain) 1; Luis Fontanals (Spain) 1; Marc Vuillet (France) 2; Jean-Marie Cariolet (France) 2; Youssef Diab (France) 3

1 - Opticits; 2 - EIVP, Lab'Urba; 3 - EIVP, UPEM, Lab'Urba

In a context of climate change and uncertainties, cities currently need tools to assess their urban services and critical infrastructures status under certain shocks and stresses. Because each city is unique, such tools need to be agile, flexible and replicable to be applicable to any urban context. Upcoming City Resilience standards promoted by different international standard bodies and multilateral organizations are also demanding flexible tools in order to operationalize resilience as a new system to manage cities. As urban systems are dynamic and constantly changing, we can also wonder if it is possible to model interdependencies and cascading effect.

HAZUR® is a methodology and a web-based tool which is mix bottom-up and top-down approach. Based on a systemic approach, it also enable to analyze the cascading effects that have collateral impacts on several strategic urban services due to the failures of critical infrastructures. Through the analysis of different case studies in different countries, we have questioned the capacity of this tool to be agile, flexible and replicable under the actual and the upcoming city and critical infrastructures requirements.

The analysis of the case studies show that HAZUR® has been implemented in different urban contexts (different countries, in large to intermediate cities) and at different scales (from the district to the county) and for different goals. The case studies also shows that among the different methods and tools for assessing urban resilience incorporating the interdependencies and cascading effect, HAZUR® provide the structure to stimulate collaborative, transversal and objective work dynamics. Finally, the future tool development through the Manager mode, should help to fit a further sophisticated and complete set of models and simulations using structured and non-structured data extracted from emerging urban digital platforms and other open data repositories. This Manager version of HAZUR® is an end-to-end process allowing a better integrated analysis to support decisions in the planning and management of the city (DSS).