Enable Climate Intelligent Assistant for Resilient Cities

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Ching-Pin Tung (Taiwan) 1; Jung-Hsuan Tsao (Taiwan) 1; Bing-Chen Jhong (Taiwan) 1; Ming-Hsu Li (Taiwan) 2; Po-Wen Perng (Taiwan) 1; Jung Huang (Taiwan) 1; Yu-Chuan Tien (Taiwan) 1; Chung-Yi Lin (Taiwan) 1

1 - Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University; 2 - Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, National Central University

The study aims at supporting climate adaptation on multidisciplinary issues with the establishment of Climate Intelligent Assistant (CIA). Through CIA, the existing city municipal planning fits the standard process of the climate adaptation evaluation as a way to integrate the scientific discoveries and governance consideration. A comprehensive adaption plan is urgent for the city. This study decomposes complex climate risk into various hazards such as extreme heat, drought, and flooding among different exposures such as residents, traffic systems, ICT infrastructures, and several kind of industries. The possible developments of the city are also shown as the carrying capacity exposure, which are analyzed based on the climate risk evaluation.

CIA creates a solid and practical adaptation blueprint for facing the change climate. One of the key innovative application of CIA is the stakeholder engagement. This study proposes the mechanism and interface to allow data developers to follow up add-on values of the provided products and services based on the open data platform. Furthermore, CIA transfers the results of the key issues identification, the climate risk display, the adaptation pathway, and the monitoring plan to an Application Programming Interface (API) way with data, information, knowledge, and wisdom structure. CIA increases the opportunities to identify the unprecedented customers’ needs, or innovation challenges, for mid- and long-term decision-making and provides a basis for the users to contribute towards the improvement of the decisions. Not only for government needs and risk reduction, CIA spurs business-model innovation and initiates the opportunities under climate change.