Digital tools and methods to support decision-making for more resilient cities

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Eleanor Chapman (Germany) 1; Julia Peleikis (Germany) 1; Vasileios Latinos (Germany) 1

1 - ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (European Secretariat)

Leaders and practitioners at the local government level are increasingly looking for tools to support policy planning and implementation with a view to building local resilience – both to take advantage of the latest knowledge and to identify entry points to tackle otherwise complex phenomena. This is crucial in a context where extreme weather events and trends are increasing in frequency and intensity, requiring swift action based on sound data. But it’s not enough to simply launch a new tool – it needs to be translated into an existing local context, and precise points identified as to where and how it fits within an integrated approach to climate adaptation overall.

The aim of this presentation is to share a suite of recently-developed tools that can support an integrated, cyclical and iterative approach to adaptation and resilience-building. After introducing the approach, concrete tools and methods to support different steps of an adaptation and resilience building process will be outlined, including:

Transition Handbook and Training Package

A practical step-by-step guide to resources that cities can use to strengthen their knowledge of climate adaptation planning as part of a process management cycle (aligned with the European Environment Agency’s Urban Adaptation Support Tool), along with supporting exercises and worksheets.

European Resilience Management Guideline

An operational framework for cities that provides guidance on local resilience planning. The Guideline aims to direct available resources towards defined goals, while securing transparency and the democratic principles of decision-making for city resilience development and planning, and is supported by five digital tools.

European Climate Risk Typology

An interactive map that helps to visualise, describe, compare and analyse climate risk in European cities and regions.

Adaptation Options Library

A database of all kinds of adaptation measures, covering climate risks including flooding, heat stress and drought.

It is hoped that the session format will allow for subsequent critical reflection, comparison with other available and emerging decision support tools and discussion with the audience and presenters. The target audience for this presentation is city practitioners and leaders working in adaptation and resilience-building, as well as researchers interested in supporting this work.