Developing a research agenda to support national climate change adaptation policy

09:00 Thursday 30 May


Room S1


Anne Marte Bergseng (United Kingdom) 1

1 - ClimateXChange

The Scottish Government has a statutory duty to deliver a climate change adaptation programme under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. The programme has a rolling 5 year cycle.

ClimateXChange supports the Scottish Government with research evidence and expert advice to develop low carbon and climate adaptation policies. The presentation will look at how we balance science push and policy pull: creating a two-way understanding of the science needs of policy and the capabilities of research to meet those needs; and where researchers are made responsible for presenting their knowledge in ‘policy language and format’, with extensive support from the CXC Secretariat, while retaining their scientific integrity.

CXC has since its inception in 2011 developed highly effective relationships between a network of researchers and the central government decision makers who require data and analysis.

The session will look at how the Centre now actively “brokers” knowledge between the respective communities, involving synthesis, translation, packaging and communicating research insights to help government policy making. The model is built around delivering timely and high quality advice to the Scottish Government; coordinating research, analysis and interpretation across the subject area; stimulating innovative thinking; and developing a programme of knowledge exchange, using examples from our adaptation research portfolio.

We will discuss the importance of relationships and the context in which each project sits; the balance between science push and policy ‘demand’ pull; how to incentivise researchers to participate; and how research needs are prioritized and developed into short and longer term programmes.