Copernicus User Learning Services: training programme assisting adaptation professionals in using climate data to support decision making

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Annemarie Groot (Netherlands) 1; Emma Daniels (Netherlands) 1; Wilma Jans (Netherlands) 1; Nies Springe (Netherlands) 1; Fulco Ludwig (Netherlands) 2; Maria Del Pozo Garcia (Netherlands) 2; Janine Quist (Netherlands) 2; Marta Bruno Soares (Netherlands) 3; Janette Bessembinder (Netherlands) 4

1 - Wageningen Environmental Research, the Netherlands; 2 - Wageningen University, the Netherlands; 3 - University of Leeds, UK; 4 - KNMI, The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

The User Learning Services is offering a European-wide training programme that assists consultants and other professionals in the use of Copernicus climate data to support adaptation decision making. Through a blended training programme combining online learning with hands on practicals in a face to face event, participants learn how to apply past, present and future climate data made available through the Copernicus Climate Data Store. In the presentation we will share our experiences with building capacity in the use of climate related data.

We show our approach to support personalised learning and provide examples of freely available training resources. We highlight the importance of training local trainers to maximise dissemination of knowledge and skill development. We discuss the challenges of online learning, including the do’s and don’ts to keep participants engaged. We share examples from participants’ (group) work and show what climate data they selected from which data sources and which tools they used to address a real life climate change adaptation challenge. The presentation includes a three minutes video film in which participants share their opinion on the usefulness of the training programme and its impact on their work.