Co-production of knowledge with regional adaptation managers in Austria

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Gernot Woerther (Austria) 1; Andrea Prutsch (Austria) 2; Anna Schmidt (Austria) 3

1 - Austrian Climate and Energy Fund; 2 - Umweltbundesamt; 3 - Environment Agency Austria

Adaptation to climate change is a key issue for all levels of decision making, however, the local level will be challenged most due to the fact that impacts of climate change materialise at this scale in manifold ways. In order to trigger local adaptation actions, in 2016 the Climate- and Energy funds Austria has started a programme to support 23 regions in developing targeted adaptation strategies. From 2018 to 2020, 20 regions receive financial support for implementing ten adaptation measures as presented in the regional adaptation strategy.

A so-called “Service-Platform” was established to work with the regional actors on the issue of climate change and adaptation. This presentation reflects on the co-production process as well as on interactive, bi-directional communication methods applied by the Service-Platform when working with these actors.

By doing so, it highlights the need to go beyond the information deficit model and emphasis on the co-production process of climate change and adaptation knowledge. Experiences gathered confirm that interactive methods have the highest chance to motivate people to act on adaptation. To conclude, some identified barriers and success factors are discussed and recommendations for similar co-production processes outlined. Experiences gathered in this process will be useful for actors communicating with stakeholders on various levels but all aiming to foster action.