Climateurope: the European network for climate services

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Natalie Garrett (United Kingdom) 1; Chris Hewitt (United Kingdom) 1; Paula Newton (United Kingdom) 1; Lola Kotova (Germany) 2; Aleksandra Kržič (Serbia) 3; Mauro Buonocore (Italy) 4; Slobodan Nickovic (Serbia) 3; Ralf Toumi (United Kingdom) 5; Janette Bessembinder (Netherlands) 6

1 - Met Office; 2 - GERICS; 3 - Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia; 4 - CMCC; 5 - Imperial College London; 6 - KNMI

The field of climate services is rapidly growing and evolving in order to help develop adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change. Climateurope is a project funded under Horizon 2020 to coordinate and support climate service activities in Europe. To achieve this goal, Climateurope is:

  1. Developing a European framework for Earth-system modelling and climate service activities. The framework is being built around a managed network of European, national and international activities and organisations.
  2. Coordinating and integrating European climate modelling, climate observations and climate service infrastructure initiatives (including JPI-Climate and the ERANET for climate services, Climate-KIC, Copernicus Climate Change Service, and other relevant Horizon 2020 projects) and facilitating dialogue among the relevant stakeholders, including climate science communities, funding bodies, providers and users. This is all to reduce fragmentation and promote alignment between activities. The user communities include public sector, businesses, industry and society.
  3. Using multi-disciplinary expert groups to assess the state-of-the-art in Earth-system modelling and climate services in Europe; and identify existing gaps, new challenges and emerging needs.
  4. Enhancing communication and dissemination activities with stakeholders, in particular through events to bring the network together and showcase progress; stakeholder-oriented reports on the state-of-the-art in Earth-system modelling and climate services in Europe; a regularly updated website; and additional stakeholder interactions to increase awareness and maximise project impacts.

This interactive presentationwill give an opportunity to understand how participation in the Climateurope network can be of benefit, and will showcase the outcomes of our second Festival of Climate Services which took place in Belgrade, October 2018 (the first was in Valencia in 2017).

This presentation will also demonstrate how Climateurope will help bridge the gap between the users of climate information and the providers through activities such as stakeholder engagement workshops and climate service Festivals, and by coordinating climate service activities in Europe through an active network of climate service providers, users, stakeholders, funding bodies and policy makers.