Climate Road – a climate solution that both collects rain and produce green energy

09:00 Thursday 30 May


Room S8


Theis Raaschou Andersen (Denmark) 1; Søren Erbs Poulsen (Denmark) 2

1 - Head of program, Associate professor ph.d, VIA University College; 2 - VIA

In march 2018, a new climate road that ensures dry roads, prevents flooding and provides sustainable green energy in the same solution was establish in the residential area of Hedensted. The Climate Road was established in collaboration between VIA University College and Hedensted Municipality within the C2C-CC project. The road is made of permeable asphalt. In the event of rainfall the water seep down through the asphalt into the roadbed. The roadbed is constructed using a gravel mix ensuring a porosity of 30 % transforming the roadbed into a large reservoir that can handle a quantity of surface water equivalent to a 1-in-100-year-flood. In the roadbed, 800 meters of geothermal heating tubes collect the water’s heat energy before redirecting the water to a nearby rainwater reservoir. The geothermal heating system is connected to a local daycare center and is able to satisfy the vast majority of its annual heating needs – equivalent to approximately 50,000 kWh annually. With this heating boon, Climate Road is helping to climate-proof the area as well as reducing the daycare center’s heating bill through sustainable heat energy.

From the very beginning the area’s residents, the local school and the daycare center, has been involved in the project, and were invited to visit and comment the Climate Road. This involvement has already generated awareness within the areas citizens about present and future climate challenges in Denmark and the possible climate adaptation solutions that Hedensted Municipality applies.

During the next four years, the project will be monitored by VIA University College with respect to the roads functionality such as the permeable asphalt infiltration capacity as well as the yearly heat potential. Moreover, VIA University College will introduce the climate road as study case in their educational activities. The project will also become part of a teaching plan on sustainable urban development made for the local public schools within Hedensted Municipality.

This presentation will focus on the preliminary results obtained from the Climate Road. The story behind the construction and citizen involvement will also be addressed.