Climate Adaptation Services of Smart Water Drainage System of a Community Using Green Infrastructures

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Pei-Yuan Chen (Taiwan) 1; Ching-Pin Tung (Taiwan) 1

1 - National Taiwan University

The objective of this study is to develop, integrate, or modify the methodologies of the climate adaptation service for storm water drainage of a community, by providing information to assist decision-making. The purpose of climate adaptation services is to smooth the pathway of delivering scientific results to the end-users, to make it easier for the users to obtain comprehensive information in time. This study develops methodologies of future design storms, evaluates the effects of green infrastructures using Storm Water Management Model, and considers the needs of different stakeholders. Moreover, the study modifies the procedure, support tool, as well as the framework of the climate adaptation service of a community.

The adaptation support tools are applied to a community to demonstrate the function, operability and applicability of the adaptation tools and services. The result shows the possible changes of the design storms, the effects and limits of the green infrastructures, as well as the concerns of stakeholders which should be considered in future studies. This study integrates the developed methodologies into climate adaptation procedure, to address the needs of the related stakeholders of the community. The decision-support tools and adaptation services help to strengthen the adaptation capacity of a community with scientific adaptation service and help the studied community less vulnerable and more resilient facing the impact of storm water under climate change. It is recommended to consider the influences between multi-stakeholder, inter-disciplinary, and cross-border cooperation in future studies, to make the climate adaptation services more comprehensive.