Canvas exercise applied to exploitation – methodology for collectively defining exploitable results

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Rita Andrade (Portugal) 1; Douglas Thompson (Portugal) 1

1 - SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

The BINGO project has produced several outputs from the work of different teams. Some of these results are limited to the project itself and/or served to solve issues relating to the research sites, and thus not the target for potential exploitation due to their local specificities. However, among the many results, there were some which could be used by other entities and, thus, exploited.

Finding the exploitable results might not be easy and some of them might not even be that explicit and require a more profound look to the work of each team. This deeper look sometimes is hard to be achieved by the team members who have produced the results themselves, and, thus, an external perspective is sometimes valuable.

As such, WP7, together with WP5 and WP6, has developed an exercise to promote the discussion among project members from different teams to define exploitable results for each WP. This exercise consisted of using a ‘business model canvas’ as the basis for the discussion.

For the ‘canvas exercise’ there was one person selected for each WP to lead the conversation within the groups. The partners were then divided into 6 groups, one per WP (excluding WP7), and discussed for 25 minutes, followed by a short presentation of the results per group.

Their objective was to look at all the results from that WP and, from that, defining the major exploitable result and then answering the following questions:

  • Customer segments for the product/service (choose combinations of the sectors and types of stakeholders)
  • What may be the added value to the costumer segment of the product/service?
  • What kind of activities may be provided?
  • Which would be the best channels to deliver the product/service?
  • Who would be the best/main partners to engage in the product/service development

This result is not sector-specific. As such, it could be useful for innovation, scientific and technological projects which have different teams producing different results. The Horizon 2020 projects and other consortium-based projects are good candidates for implementing this methodology.

This exercise has had benefits for the definition of the exploitable results:

  • Gathering different perspectives on the several outputs of BINGO
  • Involving all the partners in the exploitation discussion

More comprehensive definition of the exploitable results and how different target audiences could use them.