Barcelona’s coproduced climate plan

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Irma Ventayol (Spain) 1

1 - Barcelona City Council - member of RESCCUE

Barcelona has launched its new Climate Plan on 2018. It sets an example for other cities to be inspired and replicate as it has been the first ever Covenant Cities in the Spotlight awards among large-sized city signatories, and it also supports the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, according to the revision made by C40’s against their Climate Action Planning Framework.

It is important to highlight that it’s a co-produced Plan, with the participation of hundreds of the city’s organisations and under which we are boosting many of the measures that we had already started implementing and which prompts us to commit to embarking on many other initiatives.We can do everything if we do it together.

One of the best examples of Barcelona’s contribution to sustainability is its network of signatories to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability (2012-2022), the road map of the city that has been defined and consensed by the contribution of schools, business organisations, NGOs, etc. Today, more than 1.000 organisations constitutes this network.

In 2015 a working group was set up with the aim of defining the city roadmap on climate change and collaborative projects for 2015-2017. This gave rise to the Barcelona’s Commitment to the Climate (CBC). A total of 141 organisations were actively involved. The Council contributed five strategic measures and seven priority projects, while the citizen network defined nine projects to be rolled out in the course of the two years. Projects are available. After this phase of participation, a new specific call of subsidies to stimulate new climate collaborative projects (200,000 euros / biannual) has been launched. Currently 11 new collaborative projects led by organisations are being implemented.

Also, a co-production process was launched to define goals and action lines of the Climate Plan. Some presencial sessions were organised, some support materials for carrying out internal reflection processes within the organisations themselves were prepared and also the Climate Plan draft was included on the Decidim Barcelona digital platform to collect suggestions and proposals from anyone (see chapter 7 of the Plan).

To elaborate the Climate Plan, also transversal core team driver was created and it will constituted a formal Climate Office (see action 18.1 of the Climate Plan, and all municipal departments have been consulted (see chapter 7.3) in order to define and prioritize all action lines. See this link for more information.