Adaptation and the rise of the pracademic

18:00 Tuesday 28 May




Celeste Young (Australia) 1

1 - Victoria University

Adaptation is one of the increasing number of global issues which are systemic, require strategic approaches and both short and long term actions to achieve outcomes. It also requires research to be used in specific contexts and a rethinking of how this research should be undertaken and delivered to achieve outcomes. This has seen a need in the adaptation area for researchers who co produce knowledge and are able to think into and understand both practical and academic contexts. This has resulted in an increase in what are sometimes referred to as pracademics – those who work as both practitioners as well as academics.

This presentation will explore what it means to be a pracademic through case studies of research undertaken over the last 10 years by a pracademic who specialises in integrating research into decision making through co production. It will discuss the barriers and opportunities associated this type of research and how it is changing social contracts between those who generate it and those who use it. It will show the types of outcomes that can be achieved through this practice and why they are achieved. It will also discuss how the changing context of knowledge has been a fundamental aspect in the rise of pracademics in adaptation and the different considerations this raises for researchers who work this way.