Adaptation action and monitoring in Portugal

19:00 Tuesday 28 May




Jose Paulino (Portugal) 1; Pedro Baptista (Portugal) 1

1 - Portuguese Environment Agency

A National Adaptation Programme (NAP) is expected to be adopted to support the NAS objective of implementation of adaptation measures. It was considered the way forward to establish a framework to articulate the priorities of adaptation action, the funding mechanisms and monitoring.

The actions focused intervene more directly in the territory and arise from the sectoral and cross-cutting work in NAS as well as Municipal/Regional Plans and Strategies. As a first goal, this NAP provides clear guidelines to better address the National and remaining ESIF Funding to adaptation action. A MRE framework is established, while it beneficiates from the Funding Mechanism monitoring systems already in place and new outcome indicators and goals are proposed to support the monitoring under the NAP. This enhances the cooperation between the management entities of ESIF-Funding and the climate change adaptation framework.

Another goal of the NAP consists on the development of future funding mechanisms, both National (definition of adaptation calls) and ESIF-Funding. Being a reference and formal document it provides clear guidelines to support negotiations and designing of future funding mechanisms.

Still challenging are issues to be addressed in the design of indicators to better evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation action.